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Billing & Credentialing

Professional Revenue Management

billing & Credentialing

We have developed a subscription based plan that provides an all-in-one solution to entering the insurance market, expanding your client reach.

Innovative Technology

Creating a collaborative and positive billing experience for patients results in a financially solid bottom line, predictable cash flow, and increased net revenue without sacrificing customer satisfaction and precious time, money, and resources.


We stay abreast of the latest in health-care changes and challenges, just as you do, through ongoing education. We have access to the best and brightest industry tips and techniques.

Cost Effective Solutions

Employing a staff for billing purposes can get expensive. Hiring one new person means the costs of training, the employee’s salary, benefits, and taxes, as well as compensation for turnover. Outside billing services eliminates these headaches by already having trained professionals. ​

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Yes. It is not a requirement for you to switch EHR services in order to be serviced by us.
This is a project based service. The ETA varies based on the amount of claims listed in your A/R waiting to be paid. Our service time for A/R projects is an average of four months per practice.
There are no percentage rates charged for our billing services.
There is an ETA of 48 hours for benefit verification services.
Yes. We also offer training and implementation services to your in-house staff.
No, this plan includes accessibility to various technology solutions, implementation/training and claim management assistance through our customer support channels (via Slack, live web chat and phone).
No, all technology solutions are offered at no extra cost to the provider.
Yes, our team will do an enrollment check for you free of charge. This information will provide clarity on who you are enrolled with.